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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Firestone? Tires! Firestone is an American company that’s been in the business of tire manufacturing for over a century. Their products include everything from car tires to tires meant for trucks and buses.

But, Firestone Complete Auto Care isn’t only about tires; this company offers many other auto services as well. We’re talking things like tire installation, tire checkup, air conditioning, and many similar services. Apart from the tire-related services, Firestone also offers services for a car engine, battery, wheels, and so on.

A great thing about all of these services is that they’re done by true professionals using cutting-edge technology. This might make you think that they’re expensive, but the opposite is the truth. Firestone’s automotive services are as competitive as it gets. But, that’s not all, you can save even more money by making use of Firestone coupon!

Popular Firestone Discounts You Can Find Here

Firestone offers a wide range of services meant to ensure your car works well for many, many years. And you can get discounts for most of those services by using the right Firestone automotive deal. It would take us too much space to mention each of one them, so here are some of the Firestone coupons the users find most attractive:

  • Firestone Tires Coupons - Buy 3 new tires and get 1 free, up to 70% OFF with inventory clearance coupon, seasonal discount for winter/all-weather tires as Primewell, Winterforce, Destination, Ecopia, Blizzak, DriveGuard, Turanza, Firehawk...
  • Coupons for oil change services at Firestone Complete Auto Care – It’s recommended to change motor oil every three months to ensure your car engine will keep on working flawlessly. But, doing it so often means that you’re going to have to spend some cash. The good news is that the amount of money you spend on this auto service does not have to be large. You can get a nice discount by using Firestone oil change coupons and save on standard, synthetic blend, high mileage and full-synthetic oil change.
  • Firestone wheel alignment coupons – Getting your car wheels aligned properly is important for many reasons, including everything from easier handling to a better fuel economy. The reason why not everyone is doing it is that this service can be pricey. But, you can reduce the costs by using the right discount eg. Firestone lifetime alignment coupon $99eg. lifetime alignment, front-end or four-wheel alignments coupon.
  • Firestone brake service coupons – In order to ensure your safety, you need to make sure the brakes are working properly. This is why Firestone offers all sorts of brake service (standard or premium ceramic brake pads), some of which come with a discount for those who use the right coupons.

How Much Does Car Repairs and Maintenance Services Costs at Firestone Complete Auto Care?

Q: How much is an oil change at Firestone?

  • $24.99 Standard oil change
  • $34.99 High mileage
  • $49.99 Full synthetic oil change

Q: What does a Firestone oil change include?

A: Oil change service at Firestone Auto Care Centers includes 5 quarts of motor oil (Quaker State/Penzoil) and new oil filter.

Q: How much does it cost to get a brake job at Firestone?

A: Depending on what brake parts need to be replaced cost can be anywhere from $250 to $700. The average price for one wheel including brake pad replacement, new calipers, rotors, and labor is around $400. With Firestone brake service coupon which you can find on this page, you can save $50 per axle.

Q: How much is a synthetic oil change at Firestone and what is included?

A: If you need full synthetic oil change the price is $49.99 (with coupon) and $39.99 for a synthetic blend oil change.

Q: How long does an oil change take at Firestone?

A: Usually no more than 30 minutes, but if there are several vehicles before yours, you will wait a little bit more.

Q: How much is a Firestone standard oil change and what is included?

A: Firestone standard oil change cost $19.99 - with coupon that includes a new oil filter and five quarts of Quaker State Motor Oil

As we said before, apart from using coupons to get discounts on automotive services, you can also get ahold of some coupons that will save you money on buying new Firestone tires - Destination MT2, LE2, A/T, Firehawk AS, Champion HR, Winterforce, Transforce...